Stories of Milarepa and other Kagyu Masters

Adapted by Margaret Lisa Buschmann from The Great Kagyu Masters, 
by Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche,
from The Life of Milarepa, transl. by Lobsang P. Lhalungpa,
and from The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, by Tsangnyon Heruka,
transl. by Christopher Stagg  
The following stories are available in book format from Drikung Dharma Surya Center bookstore in Fairfax, VA, USA.  Please write to

The Life of Tilopa

The Life of Naropa

The Life of Marpa

The Life of Milarepa

The Life of Gampopa

The Life of Phagmodrupa

The Life of Jigten Sumgon

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Helping kids learn and develop positive values that make them more peaceful, happy, confident and resilient.

About Lisa: 

M. Lisa Buschmann, a student of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, and a daily meditator for 30 years, has been teaching Dharma classes for children since 1995.  After retiring from a legal career at the U.S. EPA, she has devoted herself to Dharma practice, teaching, and writing Buddhist books for kids, to help them develop their virtues and good character.

About this website: 

All materials on this website were used for teaching children in Dharma classes at Buddhist centers. Through this website we strive, in service to the Dharma, to make them freely available for others to use in educating children about Buddhism and the Dharma.  All of the living authors of the books from which the stories on this website were adapted have kindly consented to such adaptation and use of their work. 

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