Jataka Stories

Stories of the Buddha's past lives

Retold by Margaret Lisa Buschmann 

Ink and pencil illustrations by Gilmer Holton

Photos courtesy of unsplash.com, absfreepic.com, pixnio.com, freepik.com 

Jackal 1 crop.jpg

The Words

of the Jackal

Rama Bharath bow.jpg
Death of the

The Twin Parrots

blind loyalty in hand 4.jpg
Fish and his Friend
Fancy clothes- peek safflowers thumbnail

New Clothes

argument moon arguing crop.jpg
Argument about
the Moon 

Munika the Pig

Monkey bridge main pic crop.jpg
The Monkey Bridge
fish and tortoise - face to face.jpg

Two Fish and a


monkey heart thumbnail.jpg
The Monkey
Heart Tree

Queen Who


Too Much

Saving the


Content king unhappy.jpg
The King
of Heaven
rice cakes run away fr ppl.jpg
Miser and 
His Cake

The Buried Treasure

quarreling old quail.jpg
Hunter and 
the Quails

The Tree Spirits

merit thumbnail naga.jpg
The Shipwreck
jackal king with followers 2.jpg
The Jackal King
prej street dogs thumbnail.jpg
Palace Dogs and
City Dogs
and Lion
Fear green snake thumbnail.jpg
Snake Tales
drum beat thumbnail.jpg
Drum Beat

More Jataka stories coming soon!

The Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path

for Younger Children